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Brian from NH, USA asks about the Kapa Continental 12-string electric.

I found some information in the book called "Guitar Stories Volume One" by Michael Wright. The model number is: CO-XII. It came out around 1966 and listed for $169.50 with a stop tailpiece. They also had the CO-XII-V, which had a vibrato and listed for $219.50. they were made until 1970, when Kapa went out of business.
Is says, the best way to date them is to use the pot codes, other than the fact that they were made from 1966 to 1970. A way to distinguish a Continental from a Kapa Challenger is: The Conbtinental has sliding on/off switches, whereas, the Challengers have three-way toggle selectors.
They came in a wide variety of colors, such as: candy apple red with a black pickguard, bright red with a white pickguard, sunburst with a white pickguard, white with either a black or white pickguard, light or dark metallic blue with a white pickguard, ocean turquoise with a white pickguard, pastel yellow with either a white or black pickguard and black with a white pickguard.

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