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Software for tracking inventory on both Guitars and Guitar Parts.


Review summarized lists of guitars or parts. The software shows you a list of your guitars and guitar parts, on 2 separate grids, allowing you to review a summarized recap of what you have in your database. [Guitar List]
[Guitar Update] Add new guitars or parts to your database or view any specific guitar or part in your database, review the details and/or make changes to your records.
Choose from a wide array of parts pictures to use with your parts inventory or add your own pictures to the collection for future use. [Guitar Update]

This software would be a welcome addition to any store, shop or home large or small. It could also be used for record keeping for insurance purposes. Some of its main functions are: It also contains a detailed "Help" screen to aid you in understanding and performing any its functions.

The selling price is $30, which includes shipping and handling.

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