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See my other project
Double-Cutaway Project
Single-Cutaway Project
20th Anniversary Project
Project - Early 2016
Padauk - This looked like interesting wood, so I thought I'd give it a try.
Stripes - I am doing multiple layers of maple and walnut, offset at every level. Man! That was a lot of glue

Here is some music

Photo journal of my Reflections - Making two guitars at the same time. One maple with cherry filling and the other cherry with maple filling. Let's see where it goes.....

Planks glued - Cherry with maple Filling
Planks gluedPlanks glued - Maple with cherry Filling
Planks are ready
Headstock veneer clamped on - both
Headstock veneer clamped on - both
Routing truss rod cavity
Routing truss rod cavityTruss rod cavit\ies complete
Neck bottom rough cut - They're getting lighter
Neck bottom rough cut - They're getting lighter
Deciding, mahogony with mahogony wings or mahogony with maple wings (and vise-versa)?
Mahogony with mahogony wingsMahogony with maple wings
Wings being glued. You can see my decision.
Wings being glued.
With wings - Mahogony center
With wings - Front - Mahogony centerWith wings - Back - Mahogony center
With wings - Maple center
With wings - Front - Maple centerWith wings - Back - Maple center
Rough binding blocks
Rough binding blocksRough binding blocks
Finished the Finish
Finished the FinishFinished the Finish
Finished the Finish, the other one
Finished the Finish, the other oneFinished the Finish, the other one
Finished front
Finished front
Finished back
Finished back
Finished Back Bodies
Finished Back Bodies

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