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See my other project
Single-Cutaway Project
20th Anniversary Project
Project - Early 2016
Reflections - Making two guitars at the same time. One maple with cherry filling and the other cherry with maple filling. Let's see where it goes....
Padauk - This looked like interesting wood, so I thought I'd give it a try.
Stripes - I am doing multiple layers of maple and walnut, offset at every level. Man! That was a lot of glue
Poplar Planks - I made this guitar out of 1/2" by 4" poplar planks which I originally bought for another project. I layered and staggered them to build up the structure. I also made the fretboard out of poplar. Sorry, I only took 1 WIP picture

Here is some music

Photo journal of my Double-Cutaway Project.

Body and wings dados.
Body and Wings Dados-1

Body and Wings Dados-2

Angled Wings.
Angled Wings-1

Angled Wings-2

Routes for control cavities.
Control Cavity Route

Curved edges - before.
Curved Edges Before-1

Curved Edges Before-2

Curved edges - After.
Curved Edges After-1

Curved Edges After-2

Inlay banding channels.
Inlay Banding Channels

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Here is some music